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On this week's episode, Marc & Ian take a trip to Idris Elba's vengeful wonderland in Star Trek Beyond, talk a whole bunch of Comic Con trailers and talk some What We Watched.

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In this week's episode, Marc & Ian give their pussies some action with a look at Keanu. Trailers and a solid chunk of What We Watched are also discussed on a show Ian can't remember very well because he was ill.


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On this week's show, Marc & Ian are pleased to be joined once again by Noel Mellor (who also created the odd little thing at the start of the show) with reviews of two controversial numbers, The Neon Demon and Ghostbusters.

Marc & Ian also discuss trailers and a good helping of What We Watched on the show that dares to ask the question: Is that your natural hair colour?

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On this week's instalment of the podcast, Marc & Ian feel the warmth of a massive Johnson with a look at Central Intelligence. Brief thoughts on Independence Day: Resurgence, the Academy's latest salvo in the fight against people hating them and Ian talks about how much he hates frozen pizza. It's unmissable really.

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