Film Basterds

On this week's audibly challenged show, Marc & Ian take a look at low-budget horror hit Lights Out, discuss some trailers, What We Watched and some lovely lovely listener feedback. Join us.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian celebrate surprising summer horror hit The Shallows, wrap up the Summer Blockbuster season and talk trailers along with What We Watched where Marc continues to plumb the depths of worthless watches.

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On this week's technical hitch laden show, Ian & Marc are joined by Manc depressive Noel Mellor to pick through the rubble of Suicide Squad and see what bright spots can be discovered. 

Trailers and a bit of What We Watched are also discussed on the show which asks what you'd do to get whacked by Margot Robbie's bat.

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On this week's show, Ian & Marc discuss Jason Bourne, a film which Ian watched a few pints deep and so can't be held responsible if he changes his mind in the future. Which he doubts.

Some trailers, What We Watched and secret Twin Peaks packaging insights are revealed on the show that's bigger than Snowden.

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