Film Basterds

On the second of this week's catch up episodes, Marc & Ian talk The Magnificent Seven, while Ian also discusses being abused by his cinema seat using Cineworld's new practically invasive 4DX technology. They also take a look at Rob Zombie's latest effort 31 and some What We Watched is discussed including hyped Brit horror The Girl With All The Gifts and Marc's usual "WTF" VOD pick, this time being Waffle Town.

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On the first of 2 episode in 2 days, Ian's playing catch up, Marc & Ian go down to the woods and find the Blair Witch while on a Hunt For The Wilderpeople. There's a few What We Watched items also including Marc's thoughts on the recent documentary De Palma.


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On this week's show, Ian continues his inner turmoil while discussing how physical media just died (in his eyes) before the guys turn to a double review with the Neo Western, Hell Or High Water and the Stephen Lang is blind, badass and creepy horror Don't Breathe. Quite a lot of What We Watched and Twitter Questions round off a rather busy show.


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On this week's show, Marc & Ian review a film we bet none of you bothered to go see, the most Kate Mara performance you'll ever see Kate Mara do in Morgan, a couple trailers are discussed, Twitter questions are answered and we've got some What We Watched too. Join us!

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On this week's thrilling installment, Marc and Ian chow down on Sausage Party, get some hot Stath injections with Mechanic Resurrection, Ian follows through with his promise to watch Jen & The Holograms and Marc continues to make poor film choices.




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