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Episode 182 - Reacharound


Here's another episode for you!

On this thrilling installment, Marc & Ian look to Tom Cruise for answers to how to look cool, be cool and yet also be an arsehole with Jack Reacher and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

Trailers and What We Watched including Trolls and US Marshalls are also discussed on the show that things Rosamund Pike is quite fetching.

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Episode 181 - Ian & Marc Need To Get To A Library. Fast.

On this week's thrilling installment, Marc & Ian venture into the world of odd hair pieces, overacting and parachuting priests with a look at the three Robert Langdon films, including a review of Inferno, a film which despite this episode being rather late STILL hasn't come out in the US. Trailers and a bit of What We Watched are also featured on the show where Ian just can't get enough of that Hans Zimmer violin.

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On this week's show we give you another double review as Emily Blunt gets drunk in The Girl on the Train and Mel Gibson is sober yet also pissed (off) with Blood Father.


Trailers, What We Watched and all the usual stuff comes on the show that's almost always late but hopefully always satisfying.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian laugh at fart jokes in Swiss Army Man and laugh at John Malkovich's accent in Deepwater Horizon. Marc also chats a little Fifa 17, they both talk some What We Watched and Ian sounds tired throughout. ENJOY!

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