Film Basterds

On a longer than usual show (thanks to Ian's daughter for going to sleep before he started recording so he didn't need to look after her), Marc & Ian take a trip to Casablanca and wonder if Robert Zemeckis blushes when he sees people doing it in Allied. Trailers are also discussed, Twitter questions answered and a metric fuckton of What We Watched is discussed.

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Episode 186 - Eating Dog Would Be More Enjoyable Than Dog Eat Dog

On this week's episode, Marc doesn't want to watch Fantastic Beasts so Ian & he check out Paul Schrader's latest Dog Eat Dog instead. Oh dear.

There's also Trailers and a bumper crop of What We Watched including Kevin spacey as a cat, a Geena Davis triple and... Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them.

Episode 185 - Ian Cries, Marc Doesn't

On the first of two episodes this week, Marc & Ian get lost in language with sci-fi drama Arrival, see if Kevin James can avoided falling down in True Memoirs of an International Assassin and get ready to rock with the Oasis documentaty Supersonic. Trailers are also discussed in a show which originally had a load of political stuff in it then realised you've probably heard enough already.


*Note Ian was recording this episode on a shitty tablet and the subsequent audio quality from his end means he won't again. Apologies in advance.



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On this week's show, Marc & Ian get stylish as they talk one of the more surprisingly horror centric films of the year, Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals as well as a big bunch of trailers and a bumper What We Watched including recent LFF entry The Ghoul and some classic David Fincher.


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On this week's show, Marc & Ian are joined by Noel Mellor once again to discuss the latest Marvel Studios effort Doctor Strange. They all also talk TV in depth for the first time ever on the show (it won't be happening much.. don't get used to it) with a look at Black Mirror Series 3, and Marc & Ian talk Ti West's latest In A Valley of Violence. 


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