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Apologies for the delay folks. I'll be honest, Patreon support matters more than either as neither Marc nor I have a working laptop at the moment and holy fuck is being restricted to a desktop, which my wife uses for business use full time, is not helpful! And also, if you were a Patron, you'd have had this 5 days earlier!!

Anyway! Steve Nixon joins us for our annual Star Wars chat as we go deep on The Last Jedi, a film which you literally cannot escape unless you don't live in this timeline (hey, if you're time-fluid, I'm not gonna judge).

Don't think much else gets talked about but shit, it was recorded a week ago.

I just had to upload this using a FTP client for god's sake. Help us get machines which actually work.

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No, its not Star Wars. That'll be early next week.

For now, you've got Marc and Ian disagreeing slightly on The Disaster Artist and Ian in a particularly ranty mood.

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On this week's special instalment, Noel, Marc & Ian again play it forward with an interesting variety of titles, we look at Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven, Guy Ritchie's The Man From UNCLE and Richard Marquand's Jagged Edge.

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On this week's episode, a late postponement for Playing It Forward results in one of our most chilled out shows in a while as we just talk tangents and a good chunk of What We Watched.

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On this week's delayed instalment, stomach bug in the Loring household entirely to blame, we are joined by Noel to discuss Justice League as Marc and Ian consider Noel's sanity before asking the age-old question, is Jim Carrey just a plain old dickhead with a look at Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond. Also, a rant about loot boxes and the continuing sexual deviance of Hollywood is yet again discussed.

Hey guys, it's a long one this week.

Only one main review with a look at Joseph Kosinski's real-life firefighter drama Only The Brave but there's A LOT of What We Watched, Trailer Talk and our beloved tangents.

On you can also now get extended versions of the show with our pre and post show talk also included, about 15 minutes extra this week. $3 a month gets you all the Patreon content and helps support the upkeep of the show.

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90 minutes, most of them drunk, while Marc, Noel and for part of the show Becky, covering Mindhunter, Brett Ratner and A Bad Moms Christmas in an entertaining, rambling piece of madness.

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Its a horror show released the day after Halloween. Oops.

We've got reviews of the franchise restarting Jigsaw and franchise continuing Creep 2 and a bumper crop of What We Watched including Call Me By Your Name, Why Him and the Psycho documentary 78/52.


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It's a packed show this week  as we bring you FOUR reviews as Noel Mellor joins us once again to talk about Thor: Ragnarok and Netflix's Wheelman and Geostorm and Brawl In Cell Block 99 are also tackled. Oh and the My Little Pony movie too... kinda.

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On this week's thrilling instalment, Marc & Ian get their Netflix on with reviews of both McG's The Babysitter AND Noah Baumbach's The Meyerowitz Stories (New & Selected). They also discuss the rather odd misfire that is Tomas Alfredson's The Snowman.

There's also some Trailer Talk and a smaller than usual chunk of What We Watched.




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On this week's belated show we are joined by the always fun Becky Foster who disagrees with her husband often on a great many things during the course of the running.

We talk Blade Runner 2049, Gerald's Game, the new Last Jedi trailer and a little chunk of What We Watched. 

Support us on Patreon for extra content at the low low price of $3 a month! Many extra shows over the course of the month including a Commentary picked up Patrons!

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On this brand new edition of Playing It Forward, we discuss Meryl Streep's Anna Wintour impression in The Devil Wears Prada, how David Lynch and Mark Frost OBVIOUSLY love Being There and how much Jeff Bridges wants to fuck an animal in The Last Unicorn.

Oh and for some reason we also talk about the SNES Mini.

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On this week's show we are once again joined by a cough-filled Noel Mellor for a look at the film everyone seems to love to hate lately, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. We also talk trailers, What We Watched and the breathtaking majesty that is the Apple TV 4K.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian debate the relative merits of mother! and basically agree despite giving different ratings. There's also trailer talk, a brief tangent about the financial markets, which genuinely should not be considered financial advice, and some What We Watched where Ian talks about a lovely shirt.

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It's episode 4 of DaaM-U-Football and Marc answers questions and chats shit about the beautiful game for an hour. Enjoy!

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On this week's episode, Marc & Ian are very pleased to be joined by Becky Foster to talk about the difference between trains and orgies with a review of the new big-screen It. Also, Taylor Sheridan's directorial debut Wind River gets discussed along with trailers, some What We Watched and a bit of discussion around Ian's new obession the Apple TV 4K.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian discuss some complicated feelings about the end of Twin Peaks: The Return, have fun with American Made and talk about Welcome To Mooseport more than their other "main" review, the Netflix Original Little Evil. Trailers are also discussed as well as some What We Watched. Which includes Welcome To Mooseport...

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On this week's show Marc & Ian do a double review taking on Steven Soderbergh's first film since he came out of fake retirement, Logan Lucky, and Adam Wingard's already controversial remake of Death Note. A large tangent involving Apple TV, some brief What We Watched, oh and also a look at one of the single best moments of TV ever in this week's Twin Peaks catch-up. It's a busy show!!

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On this week's show we break new ground as the show features... A WOMAN. That's right, for the first time, apart from the odd appearance from Ian's daughter, we are joined by the better sex as Marc's superior half Becky joins the guys to review The Dark Tower and celebrate its genre mashiness. Twin Peaks, trailers and other films including The Nut Job 2 and War Dogs are also discussed.

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On this week's thrilling instalment, Marc & Ian get scared by a doll with the impressive spin-off Annabelle: Creation, Twin Peaks: The Return starts to connect the dots and we get through some What We Watched. Its a short but packed show.

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The football season is back and Marc will talk you through his thoughts on the opening weekend fixtures. He'll also be chatting continued transfer chat as well as a rundown of this seasons threads.


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On this week's thrilling instalment, Marc & Ian split a bit on the Death Wish trailer, sing from largely the same hymn sheet about Valerian & The City of a Thousand Planets and start wondering if Twin Peaks: The Return may be on a road to not giving us what we want. All this plus some What We Watched and Ian watches The Emoji Movie and tells you what you already know about it.

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On this week's thrilling instalment, Marc & Ian take a look at the indie comedy breakout of the year, The Big Sick and also go through some new Twin Peaks, trailers and some What We Watched.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian get rather shell shocked by Christopher Nolan's masterful Dunkirk. Also, a solid bunch if trailers are discussed, Twin Peaks is caught up and some What We Watched is also discussed.

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On this week's show we've got another double review as we go to War for The Planet of the Apes and wonder who Colin Farrell will bang in The Beguiled. There's also a decent amount of trailer talk and a bumper What We Watched.

We also talk about our Patreon. For extra content for just $3 a month, please visit !!

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On this week's show, almost a semi-sequel to Episode 213, Noel Mellor re-joins us to talk about a MARVEL FILM HE ACTUALLY LIKES with a rather long review of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Marc & Ian also discuss It Comes At Night and some beer related tangenting also occurs.

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On episode two of DaaM-U-Football Marc chats more transfers, looks at new rule changes and also answers your questions.

Enjoy and feedback is welcome.

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In this week's rather jam packed show, Marc & Ian tackle 3 main reviews with Edgar Wright's Baby Driver seeing some slight disagreement before normal service is restored with looks at two Netflix releases, James Ponsoldt's The Circle and Bong-Joon Ho's Okja, two films which seem to show that quality is and isn't a priority for Netflix!

We also talk trailers, some What We Watched and some discussion about the future of Extras provides this week's tangent!

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On this week's show, Noel Mellor joins Ian & Marc again as he gives historical context to Transformers: The Last Knight, which is a review which may go on a tad too long...

Trailers, the latest Twin Peaks and a healthy pile of What We Watched are also discussed in a show which runs for two hours  and genuinely felt like half that to record.

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It's time to load up those iTunes libraries once again as we prepare to Pay It Forward.

Marc, Noel & Ian are back to gift each other films and hope the result doesn't lead to hate. It doesn't all end well this month as Deep Cover, Black Caesar and... The Greasey Strangler are discussed.

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On the first episode of DaaM-U-Football Marc chats about the transfer possibilities of the Premier Leagues Top 6 clubs.

Enjoy and feedback is welcomed.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian discuss the apparent box office bomb, which was also Tom Cruise's highest international opening ever, The Mummy. 2 episode of Twin Peaks also feature as Marc starts showing some concerns. There's also some What We Watched including Colossal and... Horrible Bosses 2...

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On this week's show, our Comic Book Correspondent Noel Mellor joins us to discuss Wonder Woman as Ian and Marc get into one of there most heated arguments. About crouching.

Before Noel joins, Marc & Ian also discuss the much maligned Baywatch and there's a good chunk of What We Watched including the exquisitely awful Left Behind and more praise for xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.

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On this week's episode we get to quite a few different topics, first off an anger induced Ian venting about the clusterfuck which has been the Friday the 13th: The Game launch, a look at Netflix's War Machine, a wider discussion about Netflix's changing of cinematic conventions, the first 4 episodes of new Twin Peaks AND a bit of What We Watched including Boiler Room and Beetlejuice.

It's a packed one.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian actively defend King Arthur: Legend of the Sword before starting what is going to be some pretty balls deep Twin Peaks coverage over the summer with a look at Fire Walk With Me, along with Peaks in general.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian are joined by Andrew Jones (@ethanrunt on Twitter) to discuss the mixed bag that is Alien Covenant as well as some trailers and What We Watched.

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On this week's show we spend over an hour building up to the main event with some classic DAAM tangents and What We Watched before fulfilling Steve Dickson's request of coming up with a DAAM All-Time Top 5 Films. Some choices may be obvious, some... not so much.

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It's a rather packed show this week as Noel Mellor joins us to discuss 3 films with reviews of Netflix entries The Discovery and Before I Wake before a look at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian talk about mad women and useless men in Unforgettable, a useless man as a useless Agent in Sandy Wexler and take a long time answering an email. Be PUMPED.

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On this week's show, family, cars, punching but a distinct lack of on-screen beers with a look at The Fate of the Furious. We also cover trailers, What We Watched and some listener feedback.

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This week for the film's 10 year anniversary, Marc & Ian take on what may be Ian's favourite film of all time, Sunshine. Does it hold up? How is the 3rd act? How much of a prick is Harvey? Listen and find out.

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On this week's episode, Marc & Ian question identity, Dutch men and overreactions with a look at the new Ghost In The Shell and also the original anime. There's also some What We Watched and the next part of our Franco Don't Give A Fuck marathon with True Deception.

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On this week's thrilling installment, Marc & Ian take a look at the massive e oddity that is Power Rangers and then the smaller scale oddity Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? They also discuss some What We Watched and get into a large chunk of trailers.

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It's only bloody episode 200 of DAAM. 

We forgot to do anything for it.

There's a new Marathon though? And we discuss Dan Stevens beasting it up. And be more critical of a hit horror than most. So you know... the usual really.



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On this week's show, Marc & Ian board a boat to meet a big old monkey with Kong: Skull Island and drunkenly slap each other whilst discussing Catfight. There's also trailers, What We Watched and some lovely tangents.

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On this week's show we are joined once again by Noel Mellor as we take on probably Marc's most anticipated film of the year, Logan. We also pay tribute to Bill Paxton with a look at his rather underseen One False Move and we also discuss Trailers, What We Watched and what it's like to taste a Nintendo Switch game card. Because Ian's an idiot.

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Our new monthly spin-off show continues as Noel Mellor joins Marc & Ian to give each other films and discuss.

This month, Marc gives Noel an early Ryan Gosling starrer, with a rare lead role for David Morse, The Slaughter Rule, Noel gives Ian the Gerard Johnson directed low-fi Brit horror Tony: London Serial Killer and Ian gives Marc the Sundance hit which performed like shit at the box office, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

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On this week's show, we have contrasts. We are joined by Awards Correspondent Bradley Porter to talk Oscars, which includes Ian inarticulately trying to make points and genuinely not trying to cause offence, and we also talk about the majesty of John Wick: Chapter 2. 


Direct download: Episode_197_-_Gunshots_Stabbings__Awards.mp3
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On this week's thrilling instalment, Marc asks Ian to take him to the Red Room, Ian tells Marc not to go to fast then just does it anyway as they get Dakota Johnson'd by Fifty Shades Darker. Also, the news regarding the new Halloween film is discussed and there's a solid load of What We Watched including Jackie, Live By Night and The Autopsy of Jane Doe,


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Apologies for the lateness, hotel wifi isn't the best for uploading podcasts...

This week Marc & Ian take a look at all the Resident Evil films and openly wonder why they're doing it. In fairness, there's some acceptable stuff in amongst some utter trash here.

A little bit of What We Watched is also done including Ian's thoughts on The Lego Batman Movie.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian review Trainspotting 2 alongside the Twitter Poll winners out of Boyle's back catalogue, don't worry Ian doesn't get to bang on about Sunshine, with his first two features, Shallow Grave & Trainspotting. Do these titans of Britflicks hold up? There's also a bit of Oscar talk and some very brief What We Watched.

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On this week's show we enter the Xander Zone and the Stone... Area with a look at the most 00's franchise to still be kicking, the xXx films.


We also discuss trailers and some What We Watched.

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Apologies for the lateness of this one folks, had to cancel the previous week's recording, however this is a beast.

It's year end review time guys with our Top and Bottom Ten's of the year with added Surprises and Disappointments. We also do full reviews of two of the films in both of our top tens.


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In the start of a new venture for the show, we are very pleased to welcome Noel Mellor on board as co-host of a spin-off show, Playing It Forward.

Each month, one of us buys an iTunes film for one of the others and pray they like it. Under discussion this month is Andrew Davis' The Fugitive, Guillame Canet's Tell No One... and Paul WS Anderson's Pompeii.

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