Film Basterds

It's only bloody episode 200 of DAAM. 

We forgot to do anything for it.

There's a new Marathon though? And we discuss Dan Stevens beasting it up. And be more critical of a hit horror than most. So you know... the usual really.



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On this week's show, Marc & Ian board a boat to meet a big old monkey with Kong: Skull Island and drunkenly slap each other whilst discussing Catfight. There's also trailers, What We Watched and some lovely tangents.

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On this week's show we are joined once again by Noel Mellor as we take on probably Marc's most anticipated film of the year, Logan. We also pay tribute to Bill Paxton with a look at his rather underseen One False Move and we also discuss Trailers, What We Watched and what it's like to taste a Nintendo Switch game card. Because Ian's an idiot.

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