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On this week's show, Marc & Ian talk about mad women and useless men in Unforgettable, a useless man as a useless Agent in Sandy Wexler and take a long time answering an email. Be PUMPED.

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On this week's show, family, cars, punching but a distinct lack of on-screen beers with a look at The Fate of the Furious. We also cover trailers, What We Watched and some listener feedback.

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This week for the film's 10 year anniversary, Marc & Ian take on what may be Ian's favourite film of all time, Sunshine. Does it hold up? How is the 3rd act? How much of a prick is Harvey? Listen and find out.

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On this week's episode, Marc & Ian question identity, Dutch men and overreactions with a look at the new Ghost In The Shell and also the original anime. There's also some What We Watched and the next part of our Franco Don't Give A Fuck marathon with True Deception.

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On this week's thrilling installment, Marc & Ian take a look at the massive e oddity that is Power Rangers and then the smaller scale oddity Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? They also discuss some What We Watched and get into a large chunk of trailers.

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