Film Basterds

On this week's episode we get to quite a few different topics, first off an anger induced Ian venting about the clusterfuck which has been the Friday the 13th: The Game launch, a look at Netflix's War Machine, a wider discussion about Netflix's changing of cinematic conventions, the first 4 episodes of new Twin Peaks AND a bit of What We Watched including Boiler Room and Beetlejuice.

It's a packed one.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian actively defend King Arthur: Legend of the Sword before starting what is going to be some pretty balls deep Twin Peaks coverage over the summer with a look at Fire Walk With Me, along with Peaks in general.

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On this week's show, Marc & Ian are joined by Andrew Jones (@ethanrunt on Twitter) to discuss the mixed bag that is Alien Covenant as well as some trailers and What We Watched.

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On this week's show we spend over an hour building up to the main event with some classic DAAM tangents and What We Watched before fulfilling Steve Dickson's request of coming up with a DAAM All-Time Top 5 Films. Some choices may be obvious, some... not so much.

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It's a rather packed show this week as Noel Mellor joins us to discuss 3 films with reviews of Netflix entries The Discovery and Before I Wake before a look at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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