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On this week's show, Marc & Ian get rather shell shocked by Christopher Nolan's masterful Dunkirk. Also, a solid bunch if trailers are discussed, Twin Peaks is caught up and some What We Watched is also discussed.

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On this week's show we've got another double review as we go to War for The Planet of the Apes and wonder who Colin Farrell will bang in The Beguiled. There's also a decent amount of trailer talk and a bumper What We Watched.

We also talk about our Patreon. For extra content for just $3 a month, please visit !!

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On this week's show, almost a semi-sequel to Episode 213, Noel Mellor re-joins us to talk about a MARVEL FILM HE ACTUALLY LIKES with a rather long review of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Marc & Ian also discuss It Comes At Night and some beer related tangenting also occurs.

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On episode two of DaaM-U-Football Marc chats more transfers, looks at new rule changes and also answers your questions.

Enjoy and feedback is welcome.

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In this week's rather jam packed show, Marc & Ian tackle 3 main reviews with Edgar Wright's Baby Driver seeing some slight disagreement before normal service is restored with looks at two Netflix releases, James Ponsoldt's The Circle and Bong-Joon Ho's Okja, two films which seem to show that quality is and isn't a priority for Netflix!

We also talk trailers, some What We Watched and some discussion about the future of Extras provides this week's tangent!

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