Film Basterds

On this week's show Marc & Ian do a double review taking on Steven Soderbergh's first film since he came out of fake retirement, Logan Lucky, and Adam Wingard's already controversial remake of Death Note. A large tangent involving Apple TV, some brief What We Watched, oh and also a look at one of the single best moments of TV ever in this week's Twin Peaks catch-up. It's a busy show!!

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On this week's show we break new ground as the show features... A WOMAN. That's right, for the first time, apart from the odd appearance from Ian's daughter, we are joined by the better sex as Marc's superior half Becky joins the guys to review The Dark Tower and celebrate its genre mashiness. Twin Peaks, trailers and other films including The Nut Job 2 and War Dogs are also discussed.

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On this week's thrilling instalment, Marc & Ian get scared by a doll with the impressive spin-off Annabelle: Creation, Twin Peaks: The Return starts to connect the dots and we get through some What We Watched. Its a short but packed show.

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The football season is back and Marc will talk you through his thoughts on the opening weekend fixtures. He'll also be chatting continued transfer chat as well as a rundown of this seasons threads.


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On this week's thrilling instalment, Marc & Ian split a bit on the Death Wish trailer, sing from largely the same hymn sheet about Valerian & The City of a Thousand Planets and start wondering if Twin Peaks: The Return may be on a road to not giving us what we want. All this plus some What We Watched and Ian watches The Emoji Movie and tells you what you already know about it.

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On this week's thrilling instalment, Marc & Ian take a look at the indie comedy breakout of the year, The Big Sick and also go through some new Twin Peaks, trailers and some What We Watched.

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