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Its Oscar nominations time as Marc & Ian give initial thoughts as to the running. There's also a review of Liam Neeson being grizzly on public transport thriller The Commuter and a big chunk of What We Watched also.


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It is time for more Playing It Forward as Marc, Noel and Ian look at 3 very different films. Starting with one of the hot action films of last year The Villainess, moving onto Richard Pryor's 80's comedy Moving and finishing up with the Australian indie Wish You Were Here. Opinions are positive and vibes are high.

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OK folks, it's a long one.

Year-end wrap up time as Marc and Ian take you on a journey through what turned out to be a pretty great year for Film. As it always is if you pay attention...

We've got our top ten's, bottom ten's, top 5 surprises and disappointments, listener lists AND a full review of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Grab a drink, get strapped in and embrace the DAAM.

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We are back with the first proper show of the year as Marc & Ian bring you a triple review show looking at Molly's Game, All The Money In The World and Hostiles along with a good chunky slice of What We Watched.

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In what is perhaps our shortest show ever, listen to a man suffering extreme man-flu and a man desperate to eat race through 3 main reviews for you lovely people.

We've got Jumanji, we've got Bright, we've got The Greatest Showman. And one of them gets a "Geostorm"...

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