Film Basterds

On this week's show, awards season correspondent Bradley Porter returns to give us a deep dive into the nominations with trends, snubs and the curious case of Boho Rhapso all discussed. We also take a quick look at M Night Shyalaman's trilogy closing Glass.

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This week's show sees us explore the best, the worst, the most surprising and most disappointing films of 2018 in a mammoth episode.

Also contains a special musical treat from Ian.. 

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A quieter show than it has been, the calm before the 2018 Review Show storm, as we take a look at The Favourite, which likely won't be Marc's favourite...

Also a little bit of trailers, some What We Watched and some general love for Olivia Colman

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On this week's show we look at the great quirky fun of One Cut of the Dead, the "Misery Is Family" dark comedy of Happy New Year, Colin Burstead and the most meme'd film of 2018, Netflix's Bullock starrer Bird Box.