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On this week's show we review Jordan Peele's IT'S A HORROR MOVIE horror movie Us and the new film from the director of It Follows, LA surreal noir Under The Silver Lake.

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On this week's show we take a look at the star studded Netflix Original, Triple Frontier and we've got our latest Patron pick, the Joan Crawford Western Johnny Guitar.

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On this week's show, Noel Mellor joins us once again to discuss the troll defeating Captain Marvel and there's batshithousery a go-go with Serenity!

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After being MIA for a year and an episode being eaten by Ian's MacBook, we return with new Playing It Forward!

We look at an eclectic selection with Oscar winning Italian comedy-drama The Great Beauty, Harry Dean Stanton's last performance in Lucky and 2006 thriller starring a guy from Eurotrip, Gone.

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It’s Oscarbation 2019 folks, you know the drill it’s undedited coverage of the full show.

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