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On this week's show, we say Tick Tock Mr Wick with John Wick Chapter 3 and PIKA PIKA MOTHERHUBBARDS with Detective Pikachu.

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Lottie Loring gets in the Film Basterds game very quickly as she unleashes spoilers aplenty on Detective Pikachu...

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On this week's show, we see Zac Efron try something new with Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile, Tilda Swinton dress up once again with Suspiria and Park Chan-Wook surprises us with Joint Security Area.

Oh yes its the big one and for this auspicious occasion we have SO MANY GUESTS.

Noel Mellor, Jordan McGrath, Andrew Jones and Bradley Porter join us to discuss Avengers Endgame and also talk about some Basterds best moments along with trailers. Its a fun one.

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