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On this week's show, we couldn't all be in the same room where it happened but we had one shot. We were young, dumb and full of cum... no sorry that's not the right reference...

Join Are You Movie Mad's Andrew Jones and us as we talk about recorded stage show Hamilton and hear Andrew and Ian try to convince Marc & Bex to finally go 4K.



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On the latest instalment of Lockdown Basterds, we review another new movie! Its Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga! We also do a catch up on the LOVELY drama A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood.

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Lockdown rumbles on but we've got new films with reviews of Joseph Gordon-Levitt returning with plane hijack thriller 7500 and Judd Apatow's latest epic length comedy The King of Staten Island.

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His Film Her Movie's Jordan Mcgrath joins us to talk about actual, big releases! We've got Spike Lee's latest,  Da 5 Bloods, Kenneth Branagh's family adventure Artemis Fowl and then for some reason we reviewed Silent Hill: Revelation as well...

We are back once again with lockdown biting hard and so we turn to video game movies! We talk Street Fighter, Silent Hill and Alone In The Dark.

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On this week's show, the destined for cinema but landing on Netflix comedy The Lovebirds, a catch up review of the also Kumail Nanjiani starring Stuber and a look at Kevin Costner's other folly of the 90's, The Postman.

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Lockdown continues with Josh Trank's quite frankly bonkers biopic/incontinence extravaganza Capone, we conclude our Becky's Choice picks with Amelie and we get argumentative about Wes Anderson's UNDERRATED GEM Moonrise Kingdom.

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On this week's show we start a mini "Becky's Choice" section with Terry Gilliam's long awaited The Man Who Killed Don Quixote along with a look back at Casino as well as the iTunes rental of the week, the very "interestingly" marketed WW1 drama The Trench.

An eclectic mix this week as we take on psychological thriller/horror The Exorcist 3, the cult classic Phantasm and one of the most successful indie films of last year, The Peanut Butter Falcon.

A busy one this week with the new Netflix hit Extraction, Apple TV+'s "oh yeah, there's a new Spike Jonze thing out.. blimey" doc Beastie Boys Story, Vincent D'Onofrio's "what the hell is THIS?" western The Kid and the iTunes rental of the week, the bonkers In The Line of Duty. Its a busy one!

On this weeks show we explore Shia LaBeouf's childhood with Honey Boy, delve into Natalie Portman's post space crazies in Lucy in the Sky, then we close down Manhattan with Chadick Boseman in 21 Bridges and finally we go wedding surfing with the iTunes rental of the week Plus One. 

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On this week's jam-packed show, His Film Her Movie's Jordan McGrath joins us to discuss Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Vivarium. The main crew also talk about Trolls World Tour for some reason and take a look at the latest iTunes Rental of the Week, US Marshals.

This week, lockdown continues but it gives us the chance to catch up on last year's Brightburn as well a look at the oddly charming indie comedy-drama Extra Ordinary and then, well things get moist quite frankly with the latest iTunes rental of the week, Magic Mike XXL.

On this week's show, the Coen Brothers' sanctioned but not creatively involved Lebowski spin-off The Jesus Rolls, Netflix's coming of age drama Uncorked and continuing the iTunes 99p rental of the week series, we take a look at a lovely looking Brad Pitt in Troy.

On the first episode of our full lockdown there's streaming content to be enjoyed as we take a look at the first Apple Original fictional film The Banker, Netflix's bizarre Spanish thriller The Platform, start going through the remainder of our Patron reviews before our Parathons begin with Jordan McGrath's choice Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion and while in lockdown, we tackle iTunes' 99p rental of the week, this time around its Eraser!

Recorded just before the world went to total shit, in this week's ep we talk about two cinematic releases which have just come/will come to VoD shortly, the latest Vin Diesel action effort Bloodshot and probably the unluckiest film release wise this side of The New Mutants, The Hunt.

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On this week's show we take a trip with Michael Pena to Blumhouse's Fantasy Island and then ship off to Boston to eat some LOBSTAH with Spenser Confidential.

Lets get invisible as His Film Her Movie's Jordan McGrath joins us to discuss The Invisible Man and get excited about the Candyman trailer. Also, Ian and Becky have disagreements over Onward and Marc and Ian kinda just agree on Downhill.

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On this episode, we try to collect Sonic's rings and bounce on an Eggman 3 times with Sonic The Hedgehog and get claustrophobic with sci-fi horror Underwater.

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On this week's show recorded during the red carpet coverage pre-Oscars, we discuss Birds of Prey, trailers, what we watched and what the hell some people were doing at the Oscars.

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On this week's show we watch Blake Lively kinda get... alright enough... at killing folks in The Rhythm Section and go on a nostalgia trip with Jay & Silent Bob Reboot!

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Its a beat of a show this week as you can tell by the title! Parasite, The Personal History of David Copperfield, Bad Boys For Life, The Grudge, Year End lists AND our latest Patron review, 24 Hour Party People. Strap in.

On this week's show we are joined by awards season correspondent Bradley Porter to talk about this week's Oscar nominations before taking one long look at Sam Mendes' 1917 and laugh then wonder if we should with Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit.

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For a limited time, we're making Ian's chat with Jordan McGrath available so non-Patrons can get a taste of what they're missing!

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On this week's show we take a look at Guy Ritchie's latest geezer confection with The Gentlemen, catch up on Noah Baumbach's awards buzzy Marriage Story and because Marc has a Cineworld Unlimited card now.. Playing With Fire!

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On this week's show, we count down our top 10 films of the decade. Nothing more, nothing less!

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