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On the first episode of our full lockdown there's streaming content to be enjoyed as we take a look at the first Apple Original fictional film The Banker, Netflix's bizarre Spanish thriller The Platform, start going through the remainder of our Patron reviews before our Parathons begin with Jordan McGrath's choice Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion and while in lockdown, we tackle iTunes' 99p rental of the week, this time around its Eraser!

Recorded just before the world went to total shit, in this week's ep we talk about two cinematic releases which have just come/will come to VoD shortly, the latest Vin Diesel action effort Bloodshot and probably the unluckiest film release wise this side of The New Mutants, The Hunt.

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On this week's show we take a trip with Michael Pena to Blumhouse's Fantasy Island and then ship off to Boston to eat some LOBSTAH with Spenser Confidential.

Lets get invisible as His Film Her Movie's Jordan McGrath joins us to discuss The Invisible Man and get excited about the Candyman trailer. Also, Ian and Becky have disagreements over Onward and Marc and Ian kinda just agree on Downhill.

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