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Lockdown rumbles on but we've got new films with reviews of Joseph Gordon-Levitt returning with plane hijack thriller 7500 and Judd Apatow's latest epic length comedy The King of Staten Island.

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His Film Her Movie's Jordan Mcgrath joins us to talk about actual, big releases! We've got Spike Lee's latest,  Da 5 Bloods, Kenneth Branagh's family adventure Artemis Fowl and then for some reason we reviewed Silent Hill: Revelation as well...

We are back once again with lockdown biting hard and so we turn to video game movies! We talk Street Fighter, Silent Hill and Alone In The Dark.

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On this week's show, the destined for cinema but landing on Netflix comedy The Lovebirds, a catch up review of the also Kumail Nanjiani starring Stuber and a look at Kevin Costner's other folly of the 90's, The Postman.

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Lockdown continues with Josh Trank's quite frankly bonkers biopic/incontinence extravaganza Capone, we conclude our Becky's Choice picks with Amelie and we get argumentative about Wes Anderson's UNDERRATED GEM Moonrise Kingdom.

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