Film Basterds

On this week's show, we couldn't all be in the same room where it happened but we had one shot. We were young, dumb and full of cum... no sorry that's not the right reference...

Join Are You Movie Mad's Andrew Jones and us as we talk about recorded stage show Hamilton and hear Andrew and Ian try to convince Marc & Bex to finally go 4K.



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On the latest instalment of Lockdown Basterds, we review another new movie! Its Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga! We also do a catch up on the LOVELY drama A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood.

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Lockdown rumbles on but we've got new films with reviews of Joseph Gordon-Levitt returning with plane hijack thriller 7500 and Judd Apatow's latest epic length comedy The King of Staten Island.

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His Film Her Movie's Jordan Mcgrath joins us to talk about actual, big releases! We've got Spike Lee's latest,  Da 5 Bloods, Kenneth Branagh's family adventure Artemis Fowl and then for some reason we reviewed Silent Hill: Revelation as well...

We are back once again with lockdown biting hard and so we turn to video game movies! We talk Street Fighter, Silent Hill and Alone In The Dark.

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On this week's show, the destined for cinema but landing on Netflix comedy The Lovebirds, a catch up review of the also Kumail Nanjiani starring Stuber and a look at Kevin Costner's other folly of the 90's, The Postman.

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Lockdown continues with Josh Trank's quite frankly bonkers biopic/incontinence extravaganza Capone, we conclude our Becky's Choice picks with Amelie and we get argumentative about Wes Anderson's UNDERRATED GEM Moonrise Kingdom.

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On this week's show we start a mini "Becky's Choice" section with Terry Gilliam's long awaited The Man Who Killed Don Quixote along with a look back at Casino as well as the iTunes rental of the week, the very "interestingly" marketed WW1 drama The Trench.

An eclectic mix this week as we take on psychological thriller/horror The Exorcist 3, the cult classic Phantasm and one of the most successful indie films of last year, The Peanut Butter Falcon.

A busy one this week with the new Netflix hit Extraction, Apple TV+'s "oh yeah, there's a new Spike Jonze thing out.. blimey" doc Beastie Boys Story, Vincent D'Onofrio's "what the hell is THIS?" western The Kid and the iTunes rental of the week, the bonkers In The Line of Duty. Its a busy one!

On this weeks show we explore Shia LaBeouf's childhood with Honey Boy, delve into Natalie Portman's post space crazies in Lucy in the Sky, then we close down Manhattan with Chadick Boseman in 21 Bridges and finally we go wedding surfing with the iTunes rental of the week Plus One. 

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On this week's jam-packed show, His Film Her Movie's Jordan McGrath joins us to discuss Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Vivarium. The main crew also talk about Trolls World Tour for some reason and take a look at the latest iTunes Rental of the Week, US Marshals.

This week, lockdown continues but it gives us the chance to catch up on last year's Brightburn as well a look at the oddly charming indie comedy-drama Extra Ordinary and then, well things get moist quite frankly with the latest iTunes rental of the week, Magic Mike XXL.

On this week's show, the Coen Brothers' sanctioned but not creatively involved Lebowski spin-off The Jesus Rolls, Netflix's coming of age drama Uncorked and continuing the iTunes 99p rental of the week series, we take a look at a lovely looking Brad Pitt in Troy.

On the first episode of our full lockdown there's streaming content to be enjoyed as we take a look at the first Apple Original fictional film The Banker, Netflix's bizarre Spanish thriller The Platform, start going through the remainder of our Patron reviews before our Parathons begin with Jordan McGrath's choice Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion and while in lockdown, we tackle iTunes' 99p rental of the week, this time around its Eraser!

Recorded just before the world went to total shit, in this week's ep we talk about two cinematic releases which have just come/will come to VoD shortly, the latest Vin Diesel action effort Bloodshot and probably the unluckiest film release wise this side of The New Mutants, The Hunt.

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On this week's show we take a trip with Michael Pena to Blumhouse's Fantasy Island and then ship off to Boston to eat some LOBSTAH with Spenser Confidential.

Lets get invisible as His Film Her Movie's Jordan McGrath joins us to discuss The Invisible Man and get excited about the Candyman trailer. Also, Ian and Becky have disagreements over Onward and Marc and Ian kinda just agree on Downhill.

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On this episode, we try to collect Sonic's rings and bounce on an Eggman 3 times with Sonic The Hedgehog and get claustrophobic with sci-fi horror Underwater.

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On this week's show recorded during the red carpet coverage pre-Oscars, we discuss Birds of Prey, trailers, what we watched and what the hell some people were doing at the Oscars.

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On this week's show we watch Blake Lively kinda get... alright enough... at killing folks in The Rhythm Section and go on a nostalgia trip with Jay & Silent Bob Reboot!

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Its a beat of a show this week as you can tell by the title! Parasite, The Personal History of David Copperfield, Bad Boys For Life, The Grudge, Year End lists AND our latest Patron review, 24 Hour Party People. Strap in.

On this week's show we are joined by awards season correspondent Bradley Porter to talk about this week's Oscar nominations before taking one long look at Sam Mendes' 1917 and laugh then wonder if we should with Taika Waititi's Jojo Rabbit.

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For a limited time, we're making Ian's chat with Jordan McGrath available so non-Patrons can get a taste of what they're missing!

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On this week's show we take a look at Guy Ritchie's latest geezer confection with The Gentlemen, catch up on Noah Baumbach's awards buzzy Marriage Story and because Marc has a Cineworld Unlimited card now.. Playing With Fire!

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On this week's show, we count down our top 10 films of the decade. Nothing more, nothing less!

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CATSCATSCATSCATSCATSCATSCATSCATS and Steve Nixon of Star Wars Action News joins us again for The Rise of Skywalker.

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On this episode, we take on Sophia Takal's new Blumhouse backed remake of Black Christmas and get down with the downstairs staff with The Remains of the Day. Also more Cats talk. Again.

On this week's show we get back into the game with a look at Jumanji The Next Level and get serious with Adam Driver delivering The Report.

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On this week's show we get twisty with Rian Johnson's exercise in cathartic fun Knives Out and there's a healthy chunk of What We Watched too.

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It's a banger this week with Martin Scorsese's years in the making 3 and a half hour epic The Irishman and our latest Patron picked review with a look at Alex Proyas' sci-fi noir mash up Dark City.


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On this week's show a car parking issue prevented a full review of Midway however we present a review of a rather Basterds friendly title, the Liam Neeson starring Cold Pursuit. Midway does also get talked about!

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On this week's show we have a mix of location and studio recording as Marc, Ian and Becky talk Doctor Sleep, Marc, Ian and Noel talk Dolemite Is My Name and then all four talk Terminator: Dark Fate!

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On this week's show we have a Netflix binge with Babak Anvari's Wounds and Steven Soderbergh's The Laundromat and we have a Patron pick a review once again with Terry Gilliam's classic Brazil.

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On this week's show its Will vs Will in Gemini Man, Boyd Holbrook vs a time travelling killer in In The Shadow of the Moon AND Arnie vs Cohagen in Total Recall. What a time to be alive.

Time to dance down some stairs and put on a happy face with an extensive look at Joker, some trailer discussion and that's about it! Just wind up Noel Mellor and watch him go...

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On this week's show we discuss buzzy horror-comedy Ready or Not and get into a variety of What We Watched. Including Batman & Robin...

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On this week's show Jordan McGrath joins us as we trip the light fantastic in Ad Astra and we present a chunk of our Patreon exclusive Rambo retrospective with our thoughts on Last Blood.

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On this week’s show we take a look at the hotly buzzed about real-life crime flick Hustlers and go on the road with Stillwater as we talk Almost Famous.

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On this week's show we go back to Derry as It concludes. We also have quite the chunky news section and a good heaping of trailer talk.

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On this week's show we go back to Derry as It concludes. We also have quite the chunky news section and a good heaping of trailer talk.

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Here we go...

Join Ian, Marc, Noel, Jordan & Lauren of the His Film, Her Movie podcast, The Hot Corn's Adam Lowes and ONLY BLOODY MONDO MOVIE/STREAMPUNK/GAMESPOT LEGEND DAN AUTY as we get together to celebrate Jordan's impeding nuptials by recording a review of The Banana Splits Movie at 1am in Brewdog Carlisle, and almost fall asleep in the reception of an Ibis. To say this is for long-time fans is an understatement.

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On this week's show, Gerard Butler blows a surprising amount of forest up with Nick Notle in Angel Has Fallen, there's a long section of Trailer Talk and for some reason Ian saw UglyDolls.

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Afte a bit of a summer break we are back with a look at Tarantino’s lates and a health chunk of Wha We Watched.

On this week's show, we get ready for a ice cold can of whoop ass with Hobbs & Shaw and watch Joe Takagi get evil with our latest Patron review, the 1997 actioner, Drive.

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On this week's show we invite Annabelle in once again as Annabelle Comes Home and we talk about the announcement of Marvel Phase 4.

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On this week's show there's a disagreement about The Dead Don't Die, consensus about Point Blank, some mild division on What We Do In The Shadows and why Marc should never step foot in KFC York ever again...

This week, join us for our annual "Is Ari Aster taking the piss" festivities with a look at Midsommar!!!

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On this week's show unfortunately Becky is otherwise detained but we are pleased to be joined by Noel Mellor as we take a look at Spider-Man: Far From Home and the US Box-Office flop/UK Netflix hit Shaft.

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On this week's show we take a look at an unexpectedly sci-fi horror reimagining of Child's Play and again be surprised by the entertainment brought from A McG Netflix film with Rim of the World.

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And we are back!

After illness, holiday and a Patron-only special, we've got an epic length show for you covering Netflix's hugely seen Murder Mystery, Disney/Fox's hugely not seen Dark Phoenix and an addendum to our X-Men special with a look at the three Wolverine centric films.

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay but you've got the latest Blumhouse review and for some reason... You Me & Dupree...


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On this week's show we blast off with Dexter Fletcher's Rocketman and have a rather bumper Trailer Talk discussion.

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On this week's show, we say Tick Tock Mr Wick with John Wick Chapter 3 and PIKA PIKA MOTHERHUBBARDS with Detective Pikachu.

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Lottie Loring gets in the Film Basterds game very quickly as she unleashes spoilers aplenty on Detective Pikachu...

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On this week's show, we see Zac Efron try something new with Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile, Tilda Swinton dress up once again with Suspiria and Park Chan-Wook surprises us with Joint Security Area.

Oh yes its the big one and for this auspicious occasion we have SO MANY GUESTS.

Noel Mellor, Jordan McGrath, Andrew Jones and Bradley Porter join us to discuss Avengers Endgame and also talk about some Basterds best moments along with trailers. Its a fun one.

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Some fantastically titled films up for discussion this week with the Sam Elliot starring The Man Who Killed Hitler & Then The Bigfoot and the perhaps problematic Dragged Across Concrete.

It's just the Fosters this week (Ian's day job got in the way) but you're getting an advance look at Long Shot as well as a review of Mid90s and the Donald Glover/Rhianna thing Guava Island!

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On this week's show we take a look at the latest Stephen King adaptation, a new remake of Pet Semetary.

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Coming up on this week's show, we take a look at some new Netflix films with Jeff Tremaine's The Dirt and John Lee Hancock's The Highwaymen. We also cover Rick Kidd's Patreon Review pick, Armando Iannucci's The Death of Stalin plus there's also a lot of tangents, drunk talk and insults...

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On this week's show we review Jordan Peele's IT'S A HORROR MOVIE horror movie Us and the new film from the director of It Follows, LA surreal noir Under The Silver Lake.

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On this week's show we take a look at the star studded Netflix Original, Triple Frontier and we've got our latest Patron pick, the Joan Crawford Western Johnny Guitar.

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On this week's show, Noel Mellor joins us once again to discuss the troll defeating Captain Marvel and there's batshithousery a go-go with Serenity!

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After being MIA for a year and an episode being eaten by Ian's MacBook, we return with new Playing It Forward!

We look at an eclectic selection with Oscar winning Italian comedy-drama The Great Beauty, Harry Dean Stanton's last performance in Lucky and 2006 thriller starring a guy from Eurotrip, Gone.

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It’s Oscarbation 2019 folks, you know the drill it’s undedited coverage of the full show.

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On this week's show we take in the great Oscar crime of the year If Beale Street Could Talk and genre hopping Blumhouse flick Happy Death Day 2U.

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On this week's show we are very pleased to be joined by Noel Mellor and Jordan McGrath to take a look at James Cameron's pet project Alita: Battle Angel and Steven Soderbergh's first Netflix film High Flying Bird.

Note: This episode was recorded before the Academy changed their minds. Again.

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On this week's show, we take a look at the, some would say controversially, Oscar hot tip Green Book, the film which may get Richard E. Grant an Oscar with Can You Ever Forgive Me? and a film which will get no Oscar attention, Velvet Buzzsaw.

Direct download: Episode_290_-_Green_Book_Can_You_Ever_Forgive_Me_Velvet_Buzzsaw.mp3
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On this week's show we have a rather jam packed set of reviews taking in Nicole Kidman's transformative role in Destroyer, Chris Smith's much talked about doc Fyre, Mads Mikklesen and.. Matt Lucas? at odds in graphic novel adaptation Polar and in our first Patron selected review we take in Fellini's seminal 8 1/2.

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On this week's show, awards season correspondent Bradley Porter returns to give us a deep dive into the nominations with trends, snubs and the curious case of Boho Rhapso all discussed. We also take a quick look at M Night Shyalaman's trilogy closing Glass.

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This week's show sees us explore the best, the worst, the most surprising and most disappointing films of 2018 in a mammoth episode.

Also contains a special musical treat from Ian.. 

Direct download: Episode_287_-_2018_Year_In_Review.mp3
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A quieter show than it has been, the calm before the 2018 Review Show storm, as we take a look at The Favourite, which likely won't be Marc's favourite...

Also a little bit of trailers, some What We Watched and some general love for Olivia Colman

Direct download: Episode_287_-_The_Favourite.mp3
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On this week's show we look at the great quirky fun of One Cut of the Dead, the "Misery Is Family" dark comedy of Happy New Year, Colin Burstead and the most meme'd film of 2018, Netflix's Bullock starrer Bird Box.

On this week's bumper show, again, we've got a whole bag of reviews for you as we discuss a wide variety of films with potential Oscar heavy hitter Roma, dark horse Oscar contender Mary Poppins Returns, Charlie Brooker's interactive.. thing.. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch AND the critically reviled Holmes & Watson.

Plus discussion of the first trailer for Jordan Peele's Us and a good bit of festive What We Watched. Strap yourselves in, it's a long one.

Noel Mellor joins us for a bumper show looking at 3 of the heavy Christmas hitters with Aquaman, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse AND Bumblebee.

We also discuss the new Hellboy trailer, how much Marc hates Carol and we talk through our favourite Christmas songs.

On this week's show we take a trip to the jungle with Mowgli and ponder whether the craziness of Sorry To Bother You sticks the landing.

There's also trailer discussion including Avengers: Endgame and a chunk of What We Watched too.

Apologies for the no-show last week folks, HOWEVER we have managed to save some of that recording so you get two bursts of news and trailers (this was recorded before Kevin Hart stood down from his Oscar hosting duties BTW), and full reviews of Creed 2 and The Christmas Chronicles aka Kurt Russell Is Santa Claus: The Movie.

Direct download: Episode_281_-_Creed_2_The_Christmas_Chronicles.mp3
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On this week's show its a Netflix bonanza as we listen to The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and get muddy with Outlaw King.

There's also some talk on two of the worst films of the year and Becky's thoughts on Black Panther. Busy show!

Direct download: Episode_280_-_The_Ballad_of_Buster_Scruggs_Outlaw_King.mp3
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On this week's episode, we take a look at two rather contrasting films, Steve McQueen's ensemble, female driven thriller Widows and the contained, quietly claustrophobic drama First Reformed, the film many are calling Paul Schrader's return to form.

There's also a chunk of What We Watched and much talk of Detective Pikachu. Much.

Direct download: Episode_279_-_Widows_First_Reformed.mp3
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Join us as Marc & Becky bicker about TV, we all get various shades of annoyed by Bohemian Rhapsody and we spend the first half hour of the show not really talking about films!

Direct download: Episode_278_-_Bohemian_Rhapsody.mp3
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On this week's show, Noel Mellor join us for a weekend of randomness in Manchester centred on our review of the new take on Halloween but also featuring debating Queen and discussing our relief that John Carpenter put on a terrific show in Manchester last weekend.

Direct download: Episode_277_-_Halloween.m4a
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On this week's show, Marc, Becky & Ian check in for some Bad Times At The El Royale and watch Dan Stevens get his Wicker Man on in horror-thriller Apostle.

Direct download: Episode_276_-_Bad_Times_At_The_El_Royale_Apostle.mp3
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It's a bit of an old-school show this week as Becky takes the week off so Noel, Marc & Ian have a cry over Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born and Marc & Ian wonder if Panos Cosmatos' Mandy can live up to Barry Manilow's mighty musical stylings.

Plus, listener questions, more London Film Festival coverage and tangents!

Direct download: Episode_275_-_A_Star_Is_Born_Mandy.mp3
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On this week's show, Noel Mellor joins us to discuss comic book anti-hero hit Venom and sans Noel, we have a crack at Jeffrey Wright mumble-athon Hold The Dark, the latest from DAAM favourite Jeremy Saulnier.

Direct download: Episode_274_-_Venom_Hold_The_Dark.mp3
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On this week's show, we take a look at Paul Feig going dark with comic thriller A Simple Favour. Plus, an extended What We Watched section including the start of Ian's look at films playing this year's London Film Festival and Marc and Becky getting their Crowe on with another look at Almost Famous.

Direct download: Episode_273_-_A_Simple_Favour.mp3
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Brad Porter joins Ian to look at the highlights, and also what is oddly missing, from the 2018 LFF line up. Please note, this was recorded before Vox Lux was announced as an addition.

Direct download: London_Film_Festival_2018_Preview.mp3
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On this week's show, strap in and GET TO THE POD-ER...


Sweaty men fan Noel Mellor joins us to discuss the ups and downs that are the Predator films. Also, trailers, Twitter questions and quoting.

Direct download: Episode_272_-_The_Predator_Franchise.mp3
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Join us as we board James Wan & Friends' ghost train of a series with a full look at the Conjuring Universe including the latest effort, Corin Hardy's The Nun.

Direct download: Episode_271_-_The_Nun__The_Conjuring_Universe.mp3
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On this week's show, we take a look at buzzed about thriller Searching and Leigh Whannell's love letter to 80's sci-fi., Upgrade.

Also, trailer, What We Watched and Marc's response to an annoyed listener...

Direct download: Episode_270_-_Searching_Upgrade.mp3
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On a bumper show this week, we enter the Autumn film season with a bang as we take a look ay Spike Lee's Cannes Grand Prix winning BlacKkKlansman, Brian Henson's Muppet subversion The Happytime Murders and more Blumhouse grimness with Unfriended: Dark Web.

Also: Becky on Slender Man and Marc on his seething hatred for cyclists who ride without lights on.

Direct download: Episode_269_-_BlacKkKlansman_Unfriended_Dark_Web_The_Happytime_Murders.mp3
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On this week's rather busy show, we take a look at Denzel Washington's first sequel The Equalizer 2, catch up with Jason Statham fighting a shark with The Meg and as a replacement for Red Sonja, WHICH YOU CANNOT LEGALLY STREAM IN THE UK, we talk about The Grey aka Liam Neeson: Wolf Puncher.

There's also more Bond talk, Becky's fondness for physical media and Ian's Adventures In Atmos.

Note: With this show, we've now exceeded our storage limit for this month, next show won't be up until 1st September at the earliest, hope 2 shows in less than a week makes up for this!!

Direct download: Episode_268_-_The_Equalizer_2_The_Meg_The_Grey.mp3
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On this week's show, we take a look at the Margot Robie starring Terminal which is now available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. We also discuss the latest Bond rumours and our ideal casting, some What We Watched including a first time go at Justice League for Becky and an unexpected good time at the cinema for Ian with The Festival.

Direct download: Episode_267_-_Terminal.mp3
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On this week's show, comic book correspondent Noel Mellor joins us to discuss Ant-Man & The Wasp



Direct download: Episode_266_-_Ant-Man__The_Wasp.mp3
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This week, Becky, Marc & Ian reload their arms and go deep into Mission Impossible: Fallout and Netflix's latest "bought off a studio, sure that's not a bad sign" sci-fi drama Extinction.

Also, trailers, what we watched and tangents!

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It is a PACKED show this time round as Brad Porter joins us to discuss the Mamma Mia films and has the time of his life.

Also, Comic Con trailers, top and bottom 5's of the year, What We Watched and stories from the Projection booth.

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On this week's show, we watch The Rock climbing in Skyscraper and a load of gold paint and boobs being thrown around in Let The Corpses Tan. Plus, discussion of one of the worst films of the show's lifetime and venting about how we can't have nice things. Again.

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On this week's show there's a triple review as we take a look at non-chalant grenade throws and big coincidences in Sicario 2, Gary Oldman becomes a house in Tau and tension abounds in Calibre.

Also, some What We Watched, tangents and more married bickering.

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On this week's show, Becky Marc & Ian indulge in the simple pleasures of Ocean's 8, Ian continues his quest to convince Marc & Becky to get a 4K TV, Marc recounts his favourite times Ian went temporarily insane and Becky tries to convince the audience that the Da Vinci Code movies are actually good. 

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